Aleksei Kruchenykh, Velimir Khlebnikov,victory-over-the-sun_opt
Mikhail Matiushin, Kazimir Malevich
Patricia Railing, Editor
Evgeny Steiner, Translator

The Russian Futurist Opera of 1913
With a grant from Artists Books and Writings, Inc., New York
2 volumes in a slip case
Covers by Anna Garvey
Published 2009 £32
ISBN 978 0 946311 19 4

Volume 1
 A Victory Over the Sun Album
A. Kruchenykh, K. Malevich, M. Matiushin
156 pp Many mono illus
ISBN 978 0 946311 17 0

A. Kruchenykh, libretto (Russian and English translation by E. Steiner)
V. Khlebnikov, Prologue
M. Matiushin, Score
Sets & Costumes: K. Malevich
E. Steiner, A Prologue from a Transferrer, and Throwing Pushkin Overboard
Texts: M. Matiushin, B. Livshits, A. Kruchenykh

Volume 2
 Essays on Victory Over the Sun
Patricia Railing, Editor
144 pp Mono illus
ISBN 978 0 946311 18 7

Anthony Parton, “Killing the Moonlight & Conquering the Sun”
Nina Gourianova, “Aleksei Kruchenykh’s Theatre of Alogism”
Aleksei Kruchenykh, “New Ways of the Word” (1913)
Christopher Dempsey, “On Zaum and its Use in Victory Over the Sun”
Caroline Wallis & P. Railing, “Journey in Space-Time in the Vehicle of Destiny”
John Milner, “Malevich’s Victory Over the Sun”
Christopher Dempsey, “A Musical Assessment of Victory Over the Sun”
John Milner, “The After-Life of Victory Over the Sun”