A Theory of Creativity Cubism to Suprematism


Kazimir Malevich
Malevich Writes A Theory of Creativity
Cubism to Suprematism
Patricia Railing, Editor

With a grant from Artists Books and Writings Inc. New York

704 pp 115 mono illus

Publication date: October 2014 £40.00

ISBN 978-0-946311-08-8 Hardback

Collection of 30 texts, 1915-1928, & 3 facsimiles, some in first English translation, plus Nina Kogan on Cubism and Ilya Chashnik on Suprematism. Chronological sections trace Malevich’s analyses of Cubism and Futurism, the Supremus Society of Artists, Suprematism Triumphant, UNOVIS, Theory of Creativity as Artistic Culture, and the Non-Objective World of Sensations. A presentation of sensations from Cézanne to Suprematism is followed by a discussion of how consciousness and the environment influence artistic creativity in P. Railing, Malevich on Creativity.

“Malevich Writes is an incredibly useful and intelligent collection of essays and I am very impressed by the accompanying essay.” Christina Lodder. Review forthcoming in The Burlington Magazine, London.