GABO ON GABO Texts and Interviews (1920-1977)

Martin Hammer, Christina Lodder, Editors2gaboongabo

With a grant from The Henry Moore Foundation, Leeds
48 Texts & Interviews. 295 pp, 25 mono illus.
Published 2000           Paperback £27.50
ISBN 0 946311 11 0


Reviewed by Anthony Parton in The Art Book (Blackwells and the Art Historians Association of Great Britain), Vol. 9, No. 2, March 2002:

“This book, like Gabo’s sculptures themselves, is a beautiful object…. As the publisher makes clear, the layout and design of the book are based upon the typographical principles that Gabo himself employed in the design of the Constructivist magazine Circle, of which he was co-editor in the 1930s. If the form of the book is top quality then so too is its content. As the title indicates, Gabo on Gabo is an anthology… which directly address[es] the development of his art and his aesthetic ideology. The texts… have been carefully selected by the editors to reflect and clarify the key aspects of Gabo’s thought and practice during the various phases of his career in Europe, Britain and America. An ‘introduction’ provides a succinct overview of Gabo’s career and this sets the writings in their context.”