17th Century Colour Palettes

17th Century Colour Palettes17th-Century-Cover-16

130 pp 16 col plates, 14 mono illus

Dimensions 21.6 x 16.8 Paperback

Publication date: December 2015  Price to be announced.

ISBN 978-0-946311-10-1

Ten 17th century writers described the pigments in use in their countries – England, Sweden, Flanders, France, Spain, and Italy. The theme of their treatises was studio practice and the pigments were discussed as they were set on the palette. Surprisingly, the method was the same – from light to dark, white to black. The 17th century palette was an international palette comprising just over 100 pigments.

This book will be of interest to art historians, collectors, students, conservators, and museum-goers.



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