Impressionists’ Palettes of Light

Impressionists’ Palettes of Lightmsotw9_temp0-16

68 pp 12 col plates, 12 mono illus

Dimensions 21.6 x 16.8 Paperback

Publication date: 1 October 2015  £8.65

ISBN 978-0-946311-00-2

The French Impressionist painters discovered new means for painting light – they used a “solar palette”, the pigments matched to the colours the eyes see. They are the colours of a ray of light.

This little book reproduces palettes by several of the plein-air painters, describes the pigments they used, and includes short excerpts by the scientists whose work was the foundation of the new painting – complementary colours, optical mixing, and the pigment-colour correspondences. It closes with colour swatches of the pigments, provided by the London artists’ colourmen, L. Cornelissen & Son.

It will be of interest to art historians, collectors, students, conservators, and museum-goers.



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